Symbiotic Souls is the latest album release from bassist and composer Luico Hopper. Listeners will experience a wide array of musical styles ranging from contemporary jazz and R&B to funk and gospel.
On this latest album, Hopper fuses the upright bass in non-conventional form with various electric bass guitars. On certain tracks he doubles the upright bass with the fender vi electric bass, a style that was once used  by producers and studio bassists in the early  60’s. The album's vibrant musical setting includes an all-star rhythm section of musicians along with a funky horn section.
Throughout his distinguished professional career, Hopper has played with a wide spectrum of global artists who helped inspire the album's compositions. This confluence of multiple musical influences is the symbolic heart of Symbiotic Souls.

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Album Credits

Luico Hopper, upright & electric basses, keyboards (7), Phil Hamilton, electric & acoustics guitars (1,3,5,6,8), Billy “Spaceman” Paterson, guitars (2,4,9) David Mann, tenor sax (2,6), Robert Stephens, keyboards, (all tracks except 7), Buddy Williams, drums (all tracks except 4 and 7), Tommy Igoe, drums (4)

All songs composed, arranged & produced by LuicoHopper for Luico Music ASCAP. Horn Arrangments by Robert Stephens. Basic tracks recorded and mixed at Ralston Hill Studios by Luico Hopper. Mixing: Rick Slater and Luico Hopper. Mastering: Aerial Sound, Alan Silverman

Special thanks-To my wife Mercedes and to my family. Thanks to all the musicians who played on the this record. Thanks to Aerial Sound, LaBella Strings, Mesa Boogie Bass Amps and Godin Guitars. Special thanks to all the music lovers for your wonderful support!